Complaints Policy

We want you to enjoy your time at Ware Priory, but from time-to-time things might go wrong. This details the approach we will take.

In all cases we will listen to get an understanding, we will seek to recognise what we can do to put it right and deal with the matter as quickly as we can. When you write to us, we will acknowledge your communication and will let you know what the next steps are, this will normally be within 48 hours but may be a little longer if there is a weekend involved when we are focussed on creating memorable events for our clients.

Duty Manager

We want you to enjoy your time at Ware Priory, but from time to time things might go wrong. If it does please speak to us so that we can help make it better. Our duty management team are on hand to help. If something goes wrong please talk to our duty management team, we are focused on creating an enjoyable experience at Ware Priory

Sales and Marketing Manager / Operations Manager

If we have not been able to resolve the issue please contact our Marketing Manager Kerry Mavris, or our Operations Manager Kat Harter,

Executive Director

If despite our best efforts we have not been able resolve your complaint please contact our Executive Director Terry Philpott,

Chairman of Ware Priory Trading

In the unlikely event we have still not reached a position you are happy with please contact Jonathan Kaye, Chairman of Ware Priory Trading Limited who will with the other board members to seek to understand the issue and work with you to reach an appropriate solution.


A complaint is any expression of dissatisfaction, however made, about the standard of service, actions, or lack of action by Ware Priory Trading or its staff which affects an individual customer or group of customers.


Complaints are valuable because they provide a chance to put things right if there has been an error, and to make sure that the same mistake is not repeated.

It is essential that complaints are dealt with positively. Ware Priory Trading is anxious to hear people’s comments and committed to making full use of complaints information to contribute to continuous service improvement.

Important information about areas for improvement can be obtained both from a single complaint and from patterns of complaints, highlighted by detailed monitoring.

Identifying the main issues from any complaints will allow Ware Priory Trading to recognise improvements and identify staff training needs.


Everyday problems, queries, and comments

Ware Priory Trading receives queries, problems, and comments as part of its day to day running, and they should not all be regarded as complaints. These are routine and expected and are generally resolved quickly to the customer’s satisfaction.

If someone is dissatisfied with the original service or response they received and wishes to take the matter further, then the issue should be recognised as a complaint.

What the complaints procedure will deal with: –

The complaints procedure will deal with matters when something goes wrong. Some examples include:

  • Neglect or unjustified delay
  • providing misleading or inaccurate advice
  • inefficiency, ineffectiveness, bad and unprofessional practice, or conduct.

What the complaints procedure will not deal with: –

  • complaints for which there is a legal remedy or where legal proceedings already exist.

Unreasonable and Vexatious Complaints

There will be circumstances when a complainant persists in wishing to pursue a complaint when it clearly has no reasonable basis, or when Ware Priory Trading has already taken reasonable action in response, or where some other process, whether through the courts or some other recognised procedure, should or has been taken.

These matters should be referred to the Priory Management Team and the Ware Priory Trading Board, with a summary of the issues and of the attempts made to resolve the complaint. He/she may, in such circumstances, decide that no further action can usefully be taken in response to the complainant, and inform the complainant so, making it clear that only new and substantive issues will merit a response.

Anonymous Complaints

Anonymous complaints should be referred to the Executive Director and may be acted on at his/her discretion, according to the type and seriousness of the allegation.


The stages of the procedure are detailed above and are designed to provide the complainant with a thorough and fair means of redress and to provide a framework for the Priory team to work within. However, there may be occasions when a complainant makes an approach in a different manner, and it is important that the procedure does not in itself become a barrier to effective communication.

A customer may wish to make a formal complaint directly or may be unsatisfied with the outcome of an informal complaint and may wish to take the matter further. This will be recorded as a complaint and passed to the appropriate member of the Priory Team to investigate.

If the complainant remains unsatisfied with the response, they should be informed of their right to take the matter further, in line with the above process.


Acknowledgement – within 48 hours

Investigation completed – 14 days

or Progress Reports Issued – 14-day intervals


The aim in dealing with all complaints is to reach a resolution or remedy that satisfies the complainant, whether it is the remedy they were originally seeking or not. Where a complaint is found to be at all justified, consideration may need to be given to the question of an appropriate remedy, an explanation or an apology will always be needed.


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